an upcoming fanzine for kimetsu no yaiba's tankana pair 🎴🌸


drea, head & logistics mod

drea finds joy in organizing people and planning events. she plans to bring years of real-life experience under her belt to her online fandom experience through this zine.

for her, tankana is the epitome of innocent and careful love.

at present, drea is a contributing writer for the torrent: a giyu tomioka zine, and is the moderator for events under the @giyuuandshinobu accounts on twitter and tumblr.

lizzy, general mod

lizzy is a major enthusiast in animanga, films, flowers and literature. she also writes, but dreams a lot most of the time! she's also in a constant hunt of a creative muse; and trying not to lose that glittery cloud of inspiration when it floats.

for lizzy, tankana is the couple whose love blooms exquisitely and transcends lifetimes. they inspire her to follow her heart as a driving force to be better!

at present, lizzy is continuing to work on her writing pieces. this is also her first time working hands-on with a zine. she will do her best to shoot for the stars!

spooky, graphics mod

spooky is a digital artist with a side hobby for editing. besides constantly being sleepy ,he still will find time to create for whatever is currently taking over his brain.

for spooky tankana is a deep bond. he changed her life for the best. there is such a strong emotional link between the two. together they can also inspire others to keep moving forward.

at present, spooky has contributed to a couple of zines and been graphic moderators in a few. he will continue to offer his support.

manu, social media mod

manu is a big anime, manga and video games fan; likes to write fanfiction or just write down headcanons for the fandoms he is interested in. it's his first time participating in a zine but he will do his best to spread the word on the different social media platforms.

for manu, tankana is the couple that will always be there for each other and wishes to make each other happy at all times, from the big events in their life to the small ones, tanjiro and tanao can always be calm knowing that the other will be there every step of the way.

manu has been the one behind organizing tankana week 2020 and tankana week 2021. he hopes to make effervescence even more successful than those two combined!

allie, finance mod

allie is an economic Informatics student, but that does not stop her love for making memes or writing fanfics (whenever the writing block does not stop her). as a huge anime and manga fan, she is always eager to interact with more fans and maybe even make friends.

in allie's eyes, tankana is like a cherry blossom about to bloom. sweet, delicate, and basically gorgeous. she also likes ships that can give her diabetes, and tankana is no exception.

as her major suggests, allie has experience in the economic and financial fields, and has been a finance intern for "voices of mars", a carole and tuesday zine. she hopes to expand her portfolio and create some unbreakable bonds.

mage, consultant

mage is a dedicated artist and fangirl who is always reaching for the stars. she is ready to use her experience both as a zine moderator and contributor to help bring this project to life!

for mage, tankana is the union of unconditional support, honesty, and love that lasts lifetimes.

at present, mage is a contributor for a number of zines, all of which she is excited about, and can be found on her carrd.